About Apt Group

About Us

Apt Group is a one of the fastest growing multifaceted business conglomerates in the emerging new world market, with headquarter in Abuja and registered in Nigeria since 2013. As a conglomerate, we are made up of world class firms with diverse backgrounds devoted to innovations in different sectors of business, breaking existing boundaries to maintain a competitive edge not only in price but in delivery and sustainability practices.

Our subsidiaries specialize in different sectors, interrelated through our common corporate culture and joint stock assets as a single business unit. The members of the Group include:

Apt ideas limited

Aptcine limited

Apt capital and assets mgt. ltd

Apt oil global services ltd

power bank alternative energy

Apt Infrastructure Development

Apt Technologies


Apt Group will grow to become and remain one of the top 10 multifaceted companies in the world, recognized for the creation of wealth and new levels of success for humanity.

To continue to push the frontiers of market possibilities, service qualities, product standards and management system by applying competitive innovations and creativity to existing practice and processes within our diverse market segments.

In delivering our services and products lines, we are responsible to our clients, the public, our team and our shareholders. 

Our Values:
We value the comfort and peace of mind clients derive from the assured quality, simplicity, durability, added value and cost effectiveness of our products and services. This is why we constantly interact with the market in order to understand the needs and therefore work hard to reflect the expectations through innovations that put us a step ahead.

Customer Service: We value the confidence and pride clients take in being able to defend and recommend our products and services to others. Therefore it is our culture at all point to prioritize the interest and satisfaction of our customers in order to assure their confidence.

Image: We value our image and brand, because we know ultimately, perception is what we are selling. Therefore we conduct our business in a way that shows that we are reliable, consistent and trust worthy. Part of our approach is to uphold an efficient quality control system, a customer relation culture and corporate social responsibility practice that sell us before our product. 

Leadership: We value the need for every market sector to have standard and direction. Hence we take it as our natural responsibility to provide direction and leadership through partnership, innovation, advance technology, management practice and future thinking in all our market segments.

The following shall form the critical bench mark for measuring the effectiveness of our operations in the next ten (10) years.

Corporate: The Group will be traded in the Nigerian, European, Asian and American stock markets as a public liability company with an initial public offer (IPO) worth every capital per share. 
Market: Each of our brand and product line shall rank amongst the top five with the highest equity share holdings in the market segments.
Sales: We shall develop and implement a competitive sales strategy that will enable us maintain a steady annual growth rate of a minimum of 15 -25%.
Operations: We shall own an ultra modern international headquarters befitting to our image and suitable for our operations. We shall also own state-of-the-arts equipment, production lines and factories, technology patent, relevant joint venture and technical agreements within this period.
Finance: We shall maintain a financial and accounting culture that will help to reassure the confidence of our investors, generate a consistent percentage growth and attract new investments, including long term loans from our bankers.

Our Strength


      Political goodwill

      Committed team

      Competitive Patents

      Joint asset

      Share knowledge