Apt Cinema Ltd

Aptcine Limited is a media and entertainment business registered in Nigeria. Our core business are TV content development, Movie and animation production, feature production, internet TV platform, management of cinema centers and broadcast services.

Apt Ideas Ltd

The company was occasioned by the need to bring the experience of some of the best hands in the industry together, in order to build a highly competitive indigenous company that meets the market demand for quality, reliability and affordability in the field of engineering and procurement.

Apt Oil Global Services

We provide essential services suited to the Oil and Gas value chain. We are registered with the department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) as service providers in the Nigerian oil sector.

APT GROUP Subsidiaries


Apt Cinema Limited

Aptcine Limited is a media and entertainment business registered in Nigeria. Our core business are T...

Apt Ideas Ltd

Apt Ideas Ltd is a member of Apt Group of Companies. The subsidiary is duly registered in Nigeria an...



Apt Capital and Assets

APT Capital and Assets mgt ltd is a member of Apt Group Ltd. The company is primarily engaged in equ...

Apt Technologies


Power Bank Alternative Energy

Power Bank Alternative Energy is member of Apt Group.

Apt Oil Global Services

Apt Oil and Gas is a member of Apt Group. We provide essential services suited to the Oil and Gas va...

Apt Infrastructure Development


We continue to push the frontiers of market possibilities, service qualities, product standards and management system by applying competitive innovations and creativity to existing practice and processes within our diverse market segments.

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Business Exchange Africa is designed primarily for business leaders and business savvy minds within and outside Africa that are seeking for information, intelligence and opportunities for investment and growth.

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Providing intelligent and innovative turnkey solutions in; Global Technology Services, Water Resources Services, and Security System for water/land Border Protection.

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From the CEO

Endowed with massive resources and opportunities, Africa holds the key to the economy of the future. But first, we need to unlock the numerous resources on continent. This requires new thinking and innovations that matches business justice with profitability.

This is what we do at Apt Group. Our interest is in the entertainment, manufacturing, servicing, management and technology sectors. Our uniqueness lies in our commitment to give back power to the client. Our strategy is to expanding the existing market options by guaranteeing valuable, affordable and accessible services and products. We will be recognized for the creation of wealth and new levels of possibilities for humanity.

As we strive for the highest stake, my appreciation goes to the partners; investors and team members whose effort has helped us carve a remarkable niche in the emerging global market.

The opportunity for growth is profound. If you share our vision, then you are invited to come build with us.